Poethical Retallack

Digging, sorting, scrounging around in search of strategies for articulating a poetics/theory of/for autonomous learning and teaching found Joan Retallack’s contribution to Jacket 32, “What is Experimental Poetry & Why Do We Need It?”

Consider this description of being in responsive flow:

The chaotic interconnectedness of all things, the dynamic pattern-bounded indeterminacy in which we find ourselves, in which we must somehow find/make patterns among contingencies not intelligently designed for our convenience alone, leads to the pragmatic necessity of ingenious experimentation as wager on the possibility of a viable, even pleasurable future together in this world with all those others.

…segues to yesterday’s post… and in the surf-trail turned up Gerald Brun’s brilliant review essay of The Poethical Wager. Another treasure for the must read stack.

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