Upgrading to Lion

Giddy at midnight, still giddy at first light: the upgrade to Lion, Mac OS 10.7, was a rib-tickling kick from start to finish, and put a feather in the cap of an already very happy day, at least for those with geeky tendencies, for had already updated BBEdit and Tinderbox. I had also read a few pre-release musings about how the download and install process would go, and my end-user experience was pure joy, especially once the install splash screen announced the completion of the download: the MGM Lion tamed. To Steve Jobs and his fellow designers/programmers, kudos and huzzahs! The Lion in cameo against a white background; could anyone have designed a more minimalist and elegant confirmation of Brenda Laurel’s Computers as Theatre? Yee-haw.

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Hugh Nicoll teaches at Miyazaki Municipal University in Miyazaki City, Kyushu, Japan
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