A reading test

Geof Huth has published “A reading test” on his Visualizing Poetics blog. logo-like glyph…. he’s requesting comments, which he’ll then summarize and evaluate when he explains the text in a few days.

Don’t reckon I’ve many readers as this blog space has been mostly dark for the last thirteen months, but having had the past couple of days off, “Golden Week” here in Japan, I’ve been mostly reading and sleeping, and thinking about writing. Old tinderbox friends Alwin and Doug Miller have gone silent recently, and Pierre Joris, too. Pierre hasn’t posted for two months, just before embarking on a trip to Europe. I miss his perspectives, so it feels like time to either shut down, or loosen up and add to the living web whether I have many readers or not.

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Hugh Nicoll teaches at Miyazaki Municipal University in Miyazaki City, Kyushu, Japan
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