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Hugh Nicoll teaches at Miyazaki Municipal University in Miyazaki City, Kyushu, Japan

musings on language

Reading Jerome McGann on Clark Coolidge : wandering Copenhagen, journeying to Manchester via Frankfurt… The twinned experiences of reading and thinking about poetry and poetics within the multilingual flow of heard languages in travel has got me thinking about language, … Continue reading

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Eija-Liisa Ahtila

One of the unexpected benefits of my short stay in Copenhagen is having discovered the work of Eija-Liisa Ahtila, a Finnish video artist and photographer, awarded the Artes Mundi prize in 2006. Ahtila describes herself as a slow worker, and … Continue reading

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end of term release

Our first semester exams finished 1 August, but I was busy with marking, reading through student portfolios, writing up reports, committee work, etc. through 17 August. I failed, yet again, to make much progress cleaning my office, but I left … Continue reading

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Hic & Nunc at the Boulder Fringe

My sister Jessica and her partner Barry Oreck are performing at the Boulder Fringe Festival. They’ve got three more shows this coming weekend, Friday – Sunday. For more info, check out their page on the festival site.

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Seyhmus Dagtekin

Yet another reason to be grateful for Pierre Joris’s return to more active blogging. Inspired by Pierre’s account of Dagtekin’s reading in Paris, I googled the poet, was was pleased to find his page at the French publisher site, Le … Continue reading

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The Hillary Exception

Over at the TPM Cafe, Ari Berman discusses the ties between big capital and politics-as-usual, a response to notices of his recent piece in The Nation, “Hilary, Inc.” Nails it.

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Cormac McCarthy’s The Road

James Wood has a delicious review of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road in The New Republic. Here’s his in-a-nutshell description of dirty realism: This was a prose of short declarative sentences, in which verbs docked quickly at their objects, adjectives and … Continue reading

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Poethical Retallack

Digging, sorting, scrounging around in search of strategies for articulating a poetics/theory of/for autonomous learning and teaching found Joan Retallack’s contribution to Jacket 32, “What is Experimental Poetry & Why Do We Need It?” Consider this description of being in … Continue reading

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poetry and pedagogy

Ron Silliman included a link to a Barbara K. Fischer review of Poetry and Pedagogy, edited by Joan Retallack and Juliana Spahr, the other day. Haven’t read the collection of essays yet, but it’s clearly a must as I’ve been … Continue reading

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A reading test

Geof Huth has published “A reading test” on his Visualizing Poetics blog. logo-like glyph…. he’s requesting comments, which he’ll then summarize and evaluate when he explains the text in a few days. Don’t reckon I’ve many readers as this blog … Continue reading

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WinK & WinM

Today Joe Tomei & Rick Lavin are giving a talk today at KouritsuDai on using Blogger in writing classes. I wonder what the advantages of Blogger might be over using other blogging engines or even a dedicated server.

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Poetics, music, space

more on poetics and music in open forms from Barrett Watten, the text of the talk Watten gave at the symposium two weeks ago. Braxton in the air, though still underground. Check out the 2001 interview with Fred Jung from … Continue reading

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There’s a male blackbird in a juniper perhaps 8 meters from my B&B window here in Harrogate. I can’t ever remember hearing the common blackbird sing before. Perhaps that’s because other than last spring’s visit to Cardiff, my only real … Continue reading

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the intention economy

Doc Searls has a really interesting piece on “The Intention Economy” up on the Linux Journal site. It’s a good, old-fashioned common sense critique of the marketing jargon that’s got most of us trapped in mind-rotting rhetorical fantasy lands. Bad … Continue reading

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the rush to war

The unsurprising but no less tawdry evidence of the a lack of good faith in democracy by Bush and Blair, reported in the New York Times March 27, is given historical context by “The Founders Never Imagined a Bush Administration.” … Continue reading

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discovering new music blogs

Ron Silliman has a brief post about Anthony Braxton’s recent set of sessions at the Iridium. He links to the reviews posted on night after night by Steve Smith, a New York music writer. Also mentions the Current Free Practices … Continue reading

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digging the lit links

Followed a link from ReadySteadyBook to an essay on Nancy Armstrong’s How Novels Think by Miriam Burstein. Ms. Burstein’s study of the history of the novel, specifically in relation to identity, consciousness, and literacy, resonates in a thousand directions and … Continue reading

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critical moments in academic writing

Pennycooks’ “Critical moments in a TESOL praxicum” is fascinating on several levels: 1. It takes one episode in the life of a teacher trainer, and seeks within the whole of that experience, including the train journey from Sydney to an … Continue reading

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Stephen Vincent’s “Tenderly #6 or The Gertrude Improvs”

Stephen Vincent published Tenderly #6 or The Gertrude Improvs on March 8. Its mysterious music captured my attention almost immediately, and I’ve gone back to his blog on daily basis to re-read. I could of course copy and paste the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Not that I’m feeling glum, but 2005 was a very exhausting year, so I’m hoping I can increase the intelligence of my game plan and do better in the coming twelve months. I’ve been enjoying, with the exception of a … Continue reading

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